Monday, April 17, 2017

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner

I didn't attend TAMU, but throughout the last six years I have made a point to learn about the University's traditions both because we live in College Station and because Tom works for TAMU. I have written about a number of Aggie traditions, and once I even came across as an Aggie expert (which I fully acknowledge I'm not) when a visitor to College Station asked me about Yell Leaders.

Here are a few of my TAMU-specific tradition posts:

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So when a quiz with the title, "You'll Only Pass This Test If You Went To Texas A&M" came cross my Facebook feed, I thought I should give it a the name of research, of course. I hoped to score 50% or better, and then use whatever questions I answered incorrectly as a jumping off point for future "Tradition" blog posts.

Imagine my surprise, then, when after answering all of the questions to the best of my ability and clicking "submit", I received this response:
I'm not sure why this Mean Girls character was
chosen to represent TAMU - in my experience, TAMU
students are nothing like those crazy girls in pink...
We may not be true Aggies (we love the Aggies, but both Tom and I bleed black and gold for our Iowa Hawkeyes), but it looks like we've done a fairly good job of learning the traditions of our current hometown's foundational institution!

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