Thursday, October 31, 2019

The Ultimate You're

[Haunted House]

Walks in, sees dead body on floor with "YOUR NEXT" written on the wall in blood.

Dips finger in blood.

Writes "YOU'RE".

Happy Halloween, friends. Call me if you need your haunted house or Halloween signage checked for grammar. 😉


I love looking back on what the kids - and Tom and I, once we started putting together themed family costumes - wore on Halloweens past.














Have a fun and safe Halloween, friends!

Posting Note: no High Five for Friday post tomorrow. I'm considering this post a High Five for Halloween and taking tomorrow off.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Dance (and Soccer) Mom Challenge

I love it when friends participate in Facebook photo/posting "challenges". You know the ones to which I'm referring, right? Once a day for 10 days, post a picture of the cover a favorite book, a funny meme, lyrics to a favorite song, or a picture that makes you feel like a baseball mom. I never participate myself, not because I don't like the posts, but because I usually lose track of the 10-day posting schedule. 

I was - in months past - tagged for both a dance mom and a soccer mom challenge (to post pictures that make me feel like a dance mom and a soccer mom), so I'm tackling both today...but in blog post form rather than Facebook post form. 

If I remember correctly, the instructions require me to post 10 pictures, each without any explanation. 

Dance Mom we go! 

Yep, that was more than 10 photos. Turns out I can't follow instructions very well.

Soccer Mom we go!

I cut the soccer pics down a little closer to 10, but I still went over. Oh well!

There's nowhere I'd rather be than watching these two kiddos do what they love.