Friday, April 28, 2017

High Five for Friday (4.28.17)

1. On Thursday evening I took Hallie to Toys'R'Us to cash in her "$3 off a purchase of $3 or more" birthday coupon. (Many years ago I registered both Will and Hallie for the store's birthday club, membership in which includes receiving this coupon once a year on their birthdays.) I didn't notice until standing in front of the cash register that the other side of the coupon - which I have in the past just tossed into the recycling bin - entitled Hallie to another birthday treat. We handed over the coupons to the cashier, who handed them off to a co-worker, who moments later returned with a hardcover book about how Geoffrey became the birthday giraffe, a stuffed bear (and not a tiny, inexpensive one - I imagine this bear would have cost us around $15), and a birthday balloon. I honestly couldn't believe the generosity of Toys'R'Us and the enthusiasm with which the store's employees gathered Hallie's birthday goodies; I don't visit Toys'R'Us very often, but after our experience there last week I will make it a point to pop in more often when shopping for birthday and holiday presents.

I have no affiliation with nor did I receive any compensation for this shout out to TRU. I just like sharing when stores, businesses, organizations, and/or employees go above and beyond!

2. After visiting The Backyard for a soccer kick-off party a few months ago, we finally made it back with friends on Friday night. We arrived around 5:30pm - quite a bit earlier than the college crowd - and had the place almost exclusively to ourselves until about 7:30pm. Our kids (as well as the man children) played round after round of washers, bean bags, and ping pong - Will and his buddy Jax legitimately beat a college student at ping pong - and we all enjoyed the beers, mixed drinks, giant pizzas, and crawfish. As a parent, I especially appreciated The Backyard's rules sign. "We welcome children - behave yourself" had a prominent spot, as did the flip side of that rule, "children shouldn't be here after 10pm". I couldn't agree more, and I'll be back!
Our five collective boy children joined us as
well - they were, however, far too busy for photos.
3. Last weekend's legitimately spring weather was both a literal and figurative breath of fresh air. Not only did we not sweat profusely at Will's soccer game and while working in the yard, we wore sweatshirts in the early mornings and late evenings and even considered lighting a fire on Saturday night. We also opened all of the windows and aired out every single preparation for locking them all up again until November. I love you, spring - I wish you'd visit Texas more often.

4. On Tuesday I chaperoned what I believe was my last elementary school field trip (with Will). He has a couple of additional field trips scheduled in May, but as those are with specific groups - Chess Club and Student Council - I won't tag along. We had a great time, but I kept wondering how we got is he about to wrap up elementary school?!

First elementary school field trip on the left...last elementary school field trip on the right.

5. Happiness Highlights:
This pic landed in "Happiness Highlights" because my girl wasn't
actually sad when it was taken. Hallie has an amazing ability to
produce two perfectly round tears - that roll gently down until
coming to rest just above her rosy cheeks - almost on command.  
Cleaning out old file folders led to the discovery
of this poster - and the one below - from my and
Tom's Newman Singers days. Can you spot us? 
I'll give you a hint - we are both sporting
bad (but professionally styled) hair.
Hallie bought a make-up kit with some of her birthday
money. Her surprise "makeover" gave us a good laugh.
Anyone for a charcoal mask? I look ridiculous, but
my face felt amazing after this treatment - I'll share
the details in next week's Monthly Medley post!
Tom plays music, Will plays soccer, and Hallie and I run errands
on Wednesday evenings, so I don't cook dinner that night. Instead,
we eat delicacies like spinach salad from a bag and bundt cakes. 
Hallie had a great time at this spring's Strutters
Dance Camp, and she can't wait for to take the
stage with the "big girls" tomorrow night!
School's Out Food Drive - hard at work!

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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