Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Should I Call the Whambulance?

Many years ago Tom started asking the kids, "Should I call the whaaaaambulance?" whenever their whining got out of control. The question went over with Will and Hallie about as well as my mom singing, "It's a hard knock life, for Erin" (during those angsty and moody tween and teenage years) went over with me. So, not well. But you got that.

I, on the other hand, thoroughly enjoy the idea of a whambulance showing up to tend to my whiny children, so imagine my glee when my sister and I happened upon this actual whambulance.

Overjoyed but also slightly confused, we drove around the whambulance in hopes of determining its true purpose. (We suspected it had nothing to do with whiny children, given the painted icing dripping from the roof.) As it turns out, this heaven-sent vehicle delivers DONUTS. To people experiencing donut emergencies. Try as I might, I simply cannot think of a better use for a retired ambulance.

I experience a donut emergency at least a few times a month (you might recall that "Donut" is one of my nicknames)...if only the Hurts Donuts whambulance serviced the College Station area and could be there for me in my time of need.

P.S. I had to have an actual conversation with Hallie about how ambulances do not - nor will they ever - deliver donuts. She now knows that calling 9-1-1 for anything other than an actual emergency is illegal. 

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