Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2017 By the Numbers

At the end of each year I like to spend a little time reading through old posts and noting - thanks to the statistics feature associated with the blog - which topics were well-recieved (and which topics weren't, for that matter) by you, my readers. I have always written and will continue to write in my own voice, and I know how important it is for my blog remain a true representation of who I am, but I want my words to reach out in a way you find interesting and engaging.

Along those lines, here are this year's most popular posts:

Is It Really Worth It?
Texting and driving makes its way to our neighborhood.

We make-over Hallie's bedroom.

Dear Tux: Enough is Enough
Tux branches out to snakes.

Like a Sister
I honor of my second "sister", Chelse (for whom things are looking up since this post first went up, thank goodness).

Dear Abby, From a Changed Mom
I acknowledge and attempt to process the worst parenting experience of my life.

Taco - No, Tenured - Tom
Taco Tom finally gets tenure.

Aggieland is Home.
We decide to stick around.

5K for 5K
My friend Katie attempts to raise 5K for the Southern Poverty Law Center while running a 5K in every state.

Texas Bows (Take 2)
My niece Lily channels her inner Texan.

House of Mouse
Tux branches out to mice.

And here are a few of my personal favorites:

My sweet boy turns 11.

4th Grade Going on College
Will "attends" college eight or so years earlier than I would have liked.

The Sun Rises on Eight Years Old
My baby girl turns 8.

High Five for Farewells
Will graduates from and leaves elementary school behind.

Just Keep Showing Up
A parenting boost, thanks to a 4th grader's kind words.

Wisconsin's Finest...Lumberjacks
We take the kids to see a diamond in the North Woods rough.

Rise Up
An even more relevant message today than when the post went up a year ago.

Tis the Gift to be Simple
Tiptoeing through the tulips with my dad.

Three years after learning to ride a bike, Hallie finally learns how to stop a bike.

Thank you, my real life and internet friends, for your support throughout 2017. For reading my posts, following Chasing Roots here on the site, "liking" Chasing Roots on Facebook, and sharing Chasing Roots with your friends and family. I am extraordinarily grateful.

I look forward to spending 2018 with you!

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