Friday, December 22, 2017

High Five for Friday (12.22.17)

1. Last Thursday night I went to a Favorite Things Party to which I brought a beautiful winter throw pillow (throw pillows - especially holiday throw pillows - rank near the top of my personal list of favorite things) and from which I came home with these gorgeous wooden bowls. A teacher at Hallie's elementary school burned the designs into the outer rims of the bowl and they're absolutely beautiful!

2. Other than the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we haven't had a soccer- and dance-free Saturday since the end of August. I LOVE watching Will play soccer and Hallie dance, but OH, how we enjoyed our unscheduled Saturday. We went hiking at a park just outside of College Station, bowling for the first time in quite a while, and out for Mexican for lunch. Then while Tom and the kids (probably just Tom) took a movie-watching nap, I ran a few last-minute holiday errands. I found myself in my pajamas and on the couch (working on a blog post) by 7pm, something that hasn't happened in...I can't remember how long. What a lovely day!
Without bumpers, I took first place in/on (?) the lanes. With bumpers,
I could barely keep up with "Dr. Squee", "And His Son", and "Halbie".

3a. After a fantastic Saturday, Sunday started off heading in the opposite direction, at least as far as parenting was concerned. We hit rock bottom around 3pm, but somehow we managed to rally and save the weekend with a family bike ride and having a few (of my) friends over for drinks, snacks, and A Christmas Story: Live in our pajamas.

3b. Also on Sunday, my sweet Lily turned seven years old. I can't get over how old she looks here - the "baby" is all but gone from this little girl's face.

4. On Tuesday afternoon we picked the kids up from school and surprised them with a trip to see the new Star Wars movie. Going to the movies in and of itself isn't exact a surprise, but going to the movies on a school night, and having popcorn and Skittles for dinner, could fall into the surprise category.

5. Happiness Highlights:
After visiting a live nativity with an ostrich in its petting zoo, a friend
and I lightheartedly wondered if an ostrich had been present at the birth
of Jesus. Since we can't know for sure, she picked us both up an ostrich
to add to our Little People nativity scenes...just to make sure we stay
as historically accurate as possible. 
So proud of her hand-painted wooden nutcracker
and frosting/candy-decorated gingerbread house! 
It's holiday baking season!
This is my sister. She's gorgeous and talented and funny and the
best second grade teacher on the planet. She also has a million dollar
smile, which I love to see. (She's "working" here - coordinating
the second grade holiday musical at her elementary school.)
Photo courtesy of Leslie Grabenstetter Photography

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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