Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Texas Bows (Take 2)

My apologies to those of you who are seeing this post for the second time. For some reason it went up accidentally on Monday, two days early. Oops!

I have an almost seven-year-old niece, Lily, who lives in Illinois. We see Lily and her family a few times a year, and because at least one of these visits takes place here in Texas, she already knows quite a bit about the Lone Star State. (Example #1: Lily Football. Example #2: "I Love Texas".)

Recently Lily approached her mom - my sister, Sara - and asked Sara if she would, in the future, purchase only Texas hair bows. Confused about what exactly that meant, Sara asked for clarification. "Texas bows, Mom. You know, super big bows."

Lily speaks the truth: everything - hair bows included - is bigger in Texas. (I honestly couldn't believe the size of the hair bows moms put in their little girls' hair when we first arrived from Michigan.) And luckily for Lily, she has an aunt who is happy to replace those little Illinois bows with great big Texas bows.

For fun, here is a photographic timeline of the progression of Hallie's bows. Evidently, the longer we live in Texas, the bigger her bows!
A Wisconsin bow...
And then they get bigger...
...and bigger...
...and bigger! (I used to think Lily was looking
adoring at I wonder if she's
looking adoringly at Hallie's bow...)
Status: True Texan
(Ok, this is a wreath bow Hallie and I found at Hobby Lobby.
We couldn't resist taking a picture with it in Hallie's hair.)

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