Friday, December 8, 2017

High Five for Friday (12.8.17)

1. Four of my friends have little boys between the ages of two and four years old. Last Friday these friends decided to take their not-yet-old-enough-for-regular-school kiddos to a local trampoline park for "toddler time", and as they knew my plans to have lunch with Tom had fallen through, they invited me to tag along. Some might consider it odd to visit a trampoline park without a child in tow, but I ended up having the best time drinking coffee, chatting with my friends, watching the little boys play, and then, because we were basically the only patrons utilizing the facility, trying out the trapeze.

2. Thanks to a lot of planning and a helping hand from an understanding and generous dance teacher, we managed to make it to both Hallie's Christmas dance performance and Will's first orchestra concert on Friday night. "Oh What a Night", as the evening could have been titled, involved multiple families trading members and using multiple cars to drive back and forth across town multiple times, but we made it happen!

3. On Saturday this little Battle Mouse had her last regular rehearsal and a photo shoot in preparation for the upcoming Ballet Brazos production of The Nutcracker. (They had a technical rehearsal yesterday afternoon/evening/night and their dress rehearsal runs throughout the day today.) We can't wait to see her on stage tomorrow!

A few tickets are still available to both shows. If you live in the Brazos Valley and would like to attend at either 2pm or 7pm, visit the TAMU MSC Box Office website to purchase seats.

4. I wrapped up a crazy Saturday by dropping Hallie off at a dance company Christmas party and grabbing drinks with my fellow dance moms. A lovely way to spend a weekend evening!

5. Happiness Highlights:
No caption needed for this smiling, dancing girl.
Taking a break from our
shopping for a quick photo op.
I've been trying to learn to "curl" my tongue since the 6th grade,
when I first learned I couldn't do it. I'm getting close. #goals 😂
There are no words to describe how much these little girls love this
wonderful woman. She is such a gift to both them and their mamas.
It's finally turning yellow!!! (I am irrationally excited
about this one lemon on our Lucy the Lemon Tree.)
Chris the Elf arrived, bringing Chris-tmas pajamas with him.
This picture is sweet, but it becomes funny once
you notice my husband creeping in the background.

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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