Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Like a Sister

I have a sister. I write about her periodically so many of you know her name is Sara, she's two years younger than me, she lives outside of Peoria, Illinois with her husband and two kids, she's a (incredible) teacher, and she has an infectious smile. It was just her and me...until she started kindergarten and met Chelse.

Sara and Chelse quickly became best friends, and within a couple of years I had gained another sister.  Chelse spent afternoons and weekends at our house. She had a spot at our family dinner table and a toothbrush in our bathroom. She came to my soccer games and I went to her musicals. She came with our family to Jamaica, accompanied my mom, my dad, and Sara when they dropped me off for my freshman year of college, and sang in my wedding. She was - and still is, 31 years later - Sara's best friend, but she has a tremendously special place in my heart as well.
Paul and his girls: my mom, Sara, my dad, me (super
pregnant with Will), and Chelse at Sara's wedding. 
Last week life dealt her a really crappy hand. And is often the case in situations like these, there isn't a heck of a lot family members and friends can do to improve that colossally bad hand...except stand up and say I love you, I'm here for you, and I have faith in your strength to overcome.

Life is tough, my darling, but so are you.

~ Stephanie Bennett Henry

So to my Chelse, and to all/any of you fighting battles that seems heavier and more painful that you can bear, please know I am thinking about and praying for you. Life is tough, but I know - I KNOW - you are tougher.
One to make you laugh...
Chelse, Sara, and me circa 1996.

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