Friday, December 15, 2017

High Five for Friday (12.15.17)

1a. Of course, a high five for all things Nutcracker. We had a wonderful weekend surrounding two beautiful performances. We're exhausted, but we can't wait to do it all again next year.

1b. These photos...I wait all year to line them up and see how much these two kiddos have changed. They've been friends for years, and I hope they always remain close.

2. My mom flew into College Station for a long weekend and to see (both shows of) The Nutcracker. When we weren't shuttling Hallie back and forth from the theater, doing buns and applying make-up, and working the Nutcracker Market, we went for walks, went out for brunch, and browsed a few local boutiques.

3. My boy placed third in his intermediate school's geography bee! The first and second place winners were sixth graders, so as a fifth grader he was pretty thrilled with his performance.

4. After a series of strange dashboard readings about the air in my car's tires, I popped into Discount Tire to have them assess the situation. They inspected my tires, found a hole (made by a screw that had since fallen out) in one of them, patched the hole, refilled the tire, topped off all of the other tires, and recalibrated the tire sensors that had gone a little out of whack. It took approximately one hour and cost dollars. What an incredible business model - take care of the little things for free, because then, when customers need the big things, they'll remember the generosity and come back. And I will!

I have no affiliation with Discount Tire - I'm just a happy customer!

5. Happiness Highlights:
These bagels came to me - via a generous friend
and her mom - all the way from New Jersey. Amazing! 
Congrats to these boys on a great season! They had a winning
record and went undefeated in their final tournament of the fall!
Hallie and I are watching Titanic together. She asks
A LOT of questions while we watch, but sharing one
of my all-time favorite movies with her has been a blast.
"This is the life", according to Hallie.
Loving my new Christmas sweater!
Driving through the Live Nativity at a friend's church. Will and Hallie's
favorite part - besides the camel - was the real baby playing baby Jesus.
Because of the snow we picked the (one and only) lemon from
Lucy the Lemon Tree. We haven't yet decided how to use it though... 
Will came home from a Christmas party with the game Speak Out.
It's fun and funny, but also extraordinarily painful, at least for me! 
Saying "hi" to Santa and Mrs. Claus. I wish
these two kids of mine would stop growing up...

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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