Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Not Your Average Dog

Though there are a few celebrities in front of whom I'd unintentionally but inevitably embarrass myself if we were to meet (I shouldn't tell you who they are, as doing so would probably embarrass me more than crying or screaming in the presence of a movie star would), I don't consider myself particularly starstruck. There's a local celebrity I'm dying to meet, however. Her name is Reveille, and she's a dog.

I've written about the beloved First Lady of Aggieland here before, but our paths have yet to cross. Until they do, I'll continue stalking the internet for cute pictures of her behaving like a human:
Meeting the President.
Choosing her lunch.
Proclaiming dominance over Texas University.
Attending class.
Meeting Lee Corso.
Checking her email.
Wearing a poncho.  There are no words.
Seriously, wouldn't you freak out a little (in a good way) if you walked into the library and saw a Border Collie checking her email?  I know I would.

I also really enjoyed this short film (I love that Reveille is able to find time in her busy schedule to work on this kind of publicity project on behalf of her school), centered around the tradition that if Reveille barks in class, class is cancelled.

Please, someone tell me where and when I can meet Reveille. I can't promise I won't cry or scream, but I promise to treat her like the TAMU royalty she is.

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