Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fwench Bwaid

I brush out and style Hallie's hair every morning. Until a few months ago, we rotated through a few regular styles - a barrette or small ponytail pulling the front portion of her hair out of her face, a high or low ponytail using all of her hair, or two pigtails - according to what Hallie had on tap for the day and how much time I had in the morning. I had ambitions to create more elaborate hairstyles for her, but until very recently Hallie didn't have enough hair, and the hair she had was too wispy, for me to work outside the box.
The "fountain" ponytail.

The side barrette. 

Two pigtails.

One ponytail.  Clearly not her favorite.

Eventually I introduced Hallie to the french braid.  She became obsessed, and now, if given a choice, will only wear braids in her hair.  (I try to give her a choice, because if I don't, she won't stand still long enough for me to even comb through the tangles.)  After a couple of weeks of basic french braids I realized I was going to have to branch out to keep myself from going insane from hair boredom.  Yes, you can go insane from hair boredom.
Hallie's very first french bwaid.
So now we style Hallie's hair differently every day, but every day a braid of some kind (all braids are french to Hallie) is incorporated into the style.  When I braid Hallie's hair she stands as still as a three-year-old possibly can, and does a reasonably good job of following my "lean to your left, tilt your down, look straight ahead" instructions.

I know lots of moms read this blog, so I thought I'd post pictures of some of our new french braid styles in case you're in a rut with your girls' hair and need to mix things up a bit.  I've also included our titles, in case you'd like to use them as well.  We're super creative.
Fwench Bwaid
Reverse Fwench Bwaid
Two Bwaids
Two Fwench Bwaids
Two Fwench Ponies
Two Fwench Half Ponies
Criss Cross Applesauce
Football Bwaid
(From directly above, the hair pulled back into
the braid comes together in the shape of a football.)
Bwaid Bun
Headband Bwaid
Fwench Bwaid Half Pony
Princess Bride Bwaid
Katniss Bwaid
Katniss Pony
Double Katniss Pony, Rear View
Double Katniss Pony, Front/Side View
Reverse Side Katniss Bwaid
(This is the braid that started it all this past summer, though I can't take
credit for it - that's AJ in the picture with Hallie, and AJ did both braids.)
Just looking at these pictures makes my fingers tired.  I can't even begin to calculate how many times they twisted and turned - and how much time I spent braiding - her hair throughout the month of September.

I'm pretty much out of ideas now, or at least out of ideas that will work on Hallie's baby-fine hair.  Maybe that's a good thing.


  1. love...can't wait until we can do more of this at my house. :) You should try the upside-down fwench braid that starts at the neck and stops at the crown and finishes in a bun. It is my favorite right now.

  2. I'm so impressed! These are beautiful :)