Thursday, July 18, 2013

Throwback Thursday (First Family)

Today we throwback to photos of my "first" family: parents, grandparents, sister, cousins, pets, etc. I'm still rockin' the big glasses and bad hair (or at least an excessive amount of bangs) in many of these photos, but overall this collection of photography is a bit more flattering than the collection you had the opportunity to view last Thursday. Good for me, bad for those of you who need a laugh.
Grandpa Russ (my dad's dad), my dad, Sara, and me.
My cousin, Cody, and me. I'm pretty sure I thought he'd hung the moon.
Me and Great-Grandpa Pop Pop (my Grandpa Russ's dad),
while on vacation in Florida. Grandpa Russ and Pop Pop's
story is a fascinating one - I wrote about it here.
Me and my "baby", Pearl. He was so tolerant.
Until he wasn't, and then he scratched me.
I only just noticed the look my mom is giving me in this picture.
It's my new favorite picture, because now, in addition to seeing
my mom looking at me, I see myself, looking at my kids.
Sara and me, rocking our little swimsuit pot bellies.
Grandma Geri (my mom's mom) and me.
My dad and I having a backyard water fight.
Yes, I'm wearing goggles. And yes, he still wears that shirt, 25 years later.
When he wasn't scratching me, Pearl liked to listen to me play the piano.
My camping cousins (I'm on the right, about
halfway up in a white tank top), circa 1988ish.
My camping cousins (I'm in the middle in the bottom row), circa 2000ish.
My dad, my mom, me, Sara, and Pearl (Sara's cat, Jingle Bells, wouldn't
sit still for the picture) posing for our 1989ish Christmas card photo.
Which is funny, because my dad, Sara, and I are all wearing our pajamas.
As I finish putting this post together I'm remembering the wonderful times I had with all of the family members who joined me in these photos, especially those who are no longer with us. RIP, Pop Pop, Grandpa Russ, Matt, and Pearl.

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