Thursday, July 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday (4th of July)

I thoroughly enjoy my friends' "Throwback Thursday" photos - adorable babies with their grandparents, chubby toddlers in Halloween costumes, excited preschoolers playing on sports teams, awkward middle schoolers wearing huge glasses and braces, and trendy high schoolers posing with their prom dates - on Facebook and Instagram. Last year I ran a month-long Flashback Friday series of posts, but my posts, as well as the number of pictures I included in each post, were limited because I didn't have very many pictures from my childhood at my house. (Each week I mentally searched my mom's photo albums, called her and described the photos I wanted, and then very sweetly asked her to pull those photos from the albums, scan them into her computer, and then email them to me.)

But now that I'm in Wisconsin and have access to my mom's actual photo albums - which should make this process a heck of a lot easier - I've decided to run a few nostalgia-inducing (at least for me) Throwback Thursday posts.

(Fast forward from Monday, when I wrote the two paragraphs above, to today - Wednesday - as I attempt to finish up this post.)

I thought it would be fun to start things off with a 4th of July-themed Throwback Thursday, so I started flipping through the physical photo albums for all pics red, white, and blue. 17 albums and 90 minutes and two crossed eyes later - at which point I'd yet to come across a single picture taken on or near the 4th of July - I gave up and turned to my online photo album.

So while I'd intended to for this Thursday's post to "throw back" 20-30 years, it will instead only walk you through the last six or so 4th of July holidays. My kids were/are cuter than I was/am though, so you probably won't be too upset about the change in plans...
Watching the Vilas Neighborhood 
4th of July parade with Grandma.
"I carried a watermelon, and I'm not happy about it."
Enjoying the Ann Arbor 4th of July parade.
Happier about his popsicle than anything else.
Back when she napped...
Will's first sparkler!
4th of July cutie.
Another year, another parade.
My sisters-in-law and I tried on and modeled a few
really gorgeous and classy 4th of July tee-shirts at
a Wal-Mart in Northern Wisconsin.
She may be Canadian, but she
owned that Statue of Liberty tee.
You mean you don't own a fluffy-white-
puppy-dog-surrounded-by-fireworks tee?
Fishing off Grandpa's boat.
Swimming in the lake.
Entertaining himself while waiting for the fireworks to start.
Join me next Thursday as we "throw back" once again, and Happy 4th of July!

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