Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"It's Gettin' Cold in Here...

...so put on all your clothes."

It's hot here. So hot, in fact, that air conditioned buildings - even buildings that are only air conditioned to 79 or 80 degrees - feel chilly. And after you traipse a quarter of a mile across a black asphalt parking lot on your way to the movie theater ticket window, the theater itself - where the temperature is closer to 72 degrees - feels downright cold.

To be clear, I'm not complaining. Bring on the air conditioning, I say, especially when I'm not the one paying the electric bill.

When we go to the movie theater I always take light jackets or sweatshirts for everyone. Tom and Will rarely need theirs, I usually put mine on about halfway through the movie (not so much because I'm cold, but because I'm excited about being NOT hot), and Hallie always asks for hers before the opening credits roll.

It was a good thing Will didn't ask for his sweatshirt on our latest movie theater outing to see "Epic", because my little Texan decided that 72 degrees warranted more than one layer of warmth...

She's an embarrassment to her Michigan roots and the Wisconsin - which is Oh So Shamefully represented on both her upper body sweatshirt and her lower body sweatshirt - in me.

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  1. Even if she isn't representing her roots well, at least she looks super cool with her new fashion trend...