Thursday, July 11, 2013

Throwback Thursday (Big Glasses & Bad Hair)

After close to an hour spent trying to figure out how to work my parents' printer/scanner (seriously, is there a more frustrating piece of technological equipment than a printer?!), I finally succeeded in scanning seven pictures to my computer.

I'd intended to scan quite a few more - 50 or so - but as scanner trouble-shooting took up nearly all of nap/rest time (the only chunk of my day not spent in some way tending to a six-year-old, four-year-old, two-year-old, or four-month-old), I had to prioritize scanning in the pictures of huge glasses and bad hair. Mine huge glasses and bad hair, but also my sister's, and luckiest for you, Tom's as well.
This was my official swim team photo one year. I
really feel like someone should have stepped in and,
I don't know, done something - anything - to my hair.
Me, with "Alice in Dairyland" (Wisconsin's agriculture
ambassador) and proudly wearing the Dairyland crown.
I'm also proudly wearing an absolutely hideous
farm sweatshirt - bring on the Wisconsin pride!
I wish this were a better photo, because a better photo would help my sister and
I settle our dispute over who looks more ridiculous. Votes? (Note that Sara is
wearing white, tight-rolled jeans, red socks, and soccer shoes.) On an unrelated note,
we're standing on the fence in the backyard of the Arkansas Governor's Mansion - my
Dad essentially broke in so he could take a picture of us on Chelsea Clinton's swing set.
Again, I wish this were a better photo (rough were the
days before digital photography) - the size and height
of the Mickey Mouse baseball cap on my head is rivaled
only by the size and height of the castle behind us.
On the Disney World trip above, one of my contacts ripped.
My glasses weren't the right prescription anymore, so to help
my mom drive home (my dad flew home ahead of us) I had to
wear my glasses and my sister's glasses at the same time
for two days straight. I looked awesome. 
Everything about my "look" in this picture is hideous.
Extensive bangs, huge glasses, oversized soccer tournament
tee-shirt, oversized boxer shorts, soccer sandals. Shudder.
Yes, my hair is bad. But Tom's is worse, right? 
I'd wish for a second chance at youth, but only if that second chance came with a makeover.


  1. I know you knocked my white jeans and red socks but did you actually look at your outfit? I think the shorts say it all...