Monday, July 8, 2013

Currently: June 2013

Better late than never, right? I played catch-up from May throughout all of June, and now it appears I'll be playing catch-up from June throughout all of July.

The wedding went really well, but it'll be alright
if I don't hear those four songs again for a while.
Until June 27th - my cousin's wedding day - I only listened to the four songs we would sing during the ceremony. My poor kids took to wearing their earphones in the car in an attempt to muffle the endless loop of A Thousand Years, One, Love So Strong, and Everything, but their efforts to avoid these four songs were in vain...they both know every word to every song and proved it by singing - at the top of their lungs - along with us during the ceremony.

I don't usually eat breakfast, and on "regular" days I choose one of the four or five simple, healthy meals that have over time earned a permanent slot in my lunch rotation. But following this plan is SOOO hard when we're traveling. Since June 20th I've been indulging - breakfast (a morning meal of any kind is an indulgence for me), appetizers, restaurant meals, beer/wine, desserts - far too often, and I'll undoubtedly pay the price when I return to Texas and transition back into my regular schedule of vigorous exercise.

Too much Blue Moon. But it's so, so good.

A little of this, a little of that, but gym clothes more than anything else. During the school year I shower and get dressed for the day immediately after working out. During the summer, after the gym we head to swimming lessons (where I sweat) and then back home to tackle various outdoor tasks like tending to our vegetable garden, watering the flowers, and cleaning/organizing the garage (when I sweat again). Sometimes it's 1 or 2pm by the time I finally stop sweating, shower, and "get ready" for the day. At least my gym clothes are comfortable...

She looks how I felt throughout the month of
June: happy but a little bit nutty and out of control.
A little crazed. Attempting to settle into and enjoy summer at home while simultaneously planning for a five-week trip took a toll on my sanity. And then following that chaos up with living out of suitcases as we set up camp in state after state didn't exactly level me out. I'm hoping July will bring a little more peace and quiet and calm.

I spent time in Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Iowa, and Nebraska during the month of June, so it's tough to nail down an overall description of June's weather. Let's just say I experienced 50+ degree temperature swings - 48 degrees at night in Minocqua, Wisconsin compared to 99 in the afternoon in Lincoln, Nebraska - and came to the conclusion (for probably the 200th time in my life) that I'm a late fall through early spring kind of girl.

A swimsuit top to match my swimsuit bottom. Like so many of women, swimsuit shopping isn't exactly my idea of a good time. But since the bottom doesn't do me much good without a top that matches and fits, I guess spending a little time scouring the racks is on the cards for me in July.

Ear plugs. I had planned to elaborate on this, but have instead decided to share with you a simple equation:

Will + Hallie + vacation = ear-splitting noise from sun-up to sun-down

I'm a little jealous of my dad, who simply clicks off or takes out his hearing aid whenever those two amp up...

About my New Year's resolutions. As the end of June approached I pulled out my New Year's resolutions list so I could assess my progress. I've done better in some areas than in others, and promise to share a check-in with you next week.

Not blow-drying my hair. Between June 19th and June 30th I only blow-dried my hair ONCE. (I usually blow dry my hair six days a week.) I recently discovered that for reasons I don't understand, my hair dries differently depending on its color; when air dried, my blond hair looks terrible but my dark hair looks good not bad. So I'm taking advantage of my currently not bad hair and giving in to the summer heat and humidity. It's been glorious.

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