Monday, May 22, 2017

I Thought of You

My feelings about the "wildlife" here in Texas have been well documented; see below for a few of my favorite posts on the topic. (By "favorite", I mean most terrifying, dramatic, and/or hilarious.)
I couldn't look at another real
picture, so we're going with
cartoon graphics today.

I recently realized that after sharing here on Chasing Roots my dislike for lizards, snakes, skinks, slugs, and the like, my name (perhaps along with an image of my horrified face and the sound of my screams) comes to mind for regular readers when they encounter these critters in their own lives. Throughout the last six months I've gotten emails, texts, and Facebook messages - at the rate of one every couple of weeks - from friends who find a lizard in their washing machine, a snake in their shoes, or a skink in their bathtub. Just last Friday, a friend sent me this.

Thankfully this large iguana did not take up residence in her toilet; she just happened to stumble upon the video...and it made her think of me.

I'm honored to be the one who comes to mind when you see Texas' mighty creatures slowly taking over the world. Please know that when I receive your messages I cry a little (because these animals legitimately scare me), laugh a little (because these animals made you think of me), and say a prayer of thanks that whatever you found in your house hasn't yet make its way into mine. 

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