Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wednesdays Are For Watching

My cache of links to share-worthy videos, memes, articles, and blog posts has begun to overflow, which means it must be time for a "Wednesdays Are For Watching" post! (Still working on that title...)

I hope this collection brings you happiness, inspiration, motivation, enlightenment, and/or a feeling of preparedness as you journey through your week!

Pentatonix's unique take on an Elvis classic is dedicated to Wisconsin's biggest Elvis fan, my mom.

A 10th grade high school student designed a customized prosthetic hand - which was then built using 3D printing and few inexpensive pieces for only $50 - for a six-year-old little boy.

Have you seen this inflatable bracelet? It comes with a relatively high price tag, but its potential to save lives is obvious.

"No one eats alone."

"Would you dare to question who you really are?"

A new version of one of my all-time favorite songs.

Stop putting people in boxes.

This woman demonstrates exactly what everyone should know about how to escape an attacker, and once I have a chance to learn her techniques I plan to teach the kids and for all of us to practice on Tom.

How beautiful to watch as the barriers this man has always dealt with came down.

I know this is a commercial, but I like to believe - I want to believe - that this kind of thing is actually happening in neighborhoods across the country.

I assume you saw this fantastically funny video...

...but did you see its parody?

I can only imagine how spectacular colors would look when seeing them for the first time.

I don't particularly like Heineken beer, but after watching the company's latest commercial I'll probably buy some this week anyway.

This man is my writer's-heart hero.

I started with Pentatonix, so I think I'll end with Pentatonix too...can you Imagine?

I told you my cache was full! I hope these links lifted you up and gave you the boost you needed to make it through the rest of the week!

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