Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Few Words Wednesday: Cats Can't Play Chess

Today Will competes in the annual CSISD (our school district) elementary school chess tournament. The tournament ranks high on the list of activities he has looked forward to during his fourth grade year, so in honor of the event - and the fact that Monday and Tuesday's STAAR tests have concluded - here is a "Few Words Wednesday" post in which I show the story of Will trying unsuccessfully to get Tux to play a game of chess. 

All set up and ready to go. Will sat like that - poised and ready
and waiting for Tux to take his turn - for close to two minutes.
"Come on, lil' buddy. You can do it - just move one piece!"
Eventually Tux rested his head on the chess board
and, in true feline fashion, took a 12-second catnap. 
When Tux woke up he moved a the board and onto the
table, where he snuggled up with it and refused to even look at Will.
I think Will has unrealistic expectations when it comes to Tux's intelligence...

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