Monday, May 8, 2017

Kitchen Challenge: United States of Cookies

Years have passed since I last took on a cooking or baking challenge outside of trying at least a couple of new recipes every month. A lack of time has contributed, but perhaps more relevant to this hiatus is the fact that I simply haven't come across a kitchen challenge that interested me. Until now.

Last month I stumbled upon this intriguing compilation of recipes. Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods asked 50 different culinary and/or foodie bloggers to come up with a cookie recipe in honor of their state, and then combined those 50 cookie recipes to create the United States of Cookies. Because I love to bake and am a little bit crazy, I have decided to bake each and every one of the cookie recipes on this list. I will of course share...the results here on Chasing Roots and the cookies with friends and neighbors and fire stations and anyone else who needs cookies.

Bring it on, cookie challenge!

Here are links to my past kitchen challenges in case you need a little recipe inspiration this week!

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