Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Washington Strong(er)

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Washington Strong

To those of you who stop by regularly...I know I promised a return to regularly scheduled programming here on Chasing Roots, but I couldn't resist backtracking slightly and posting the rest of the photos from our "Washington Strong" photo shoot.

This wasn't an official photo shoot with a professional photographer, coordinated outfits (we threw our Washington Strong t-shirts on over what we were already wearing, hence the clashing pants and layers), or even brushed hair and make-up (clearly); instead, Sara and I just handed my camera back and forth and snapped as fast as we could in hopes of capturing what we wanted before the children fell apart and the perfect early evening light faded away.

And because no photo shoot would be complete without an accumulation of failed attempts, here are some of our outtakes.
Lily found the group configuration I suggested less than ideal.
Many tears were shed.
The fact that Lily pulled herself together and
actually smiled makes Jeff's face all the more awesome.
Sara looks happy, but I'm pretty sure she's really just
wishing Lily would release her death grip on Sara's hair.
Sara's giving Carter a congratulatory kiss - he was the only one
of the four children involved in this photo shoot to NOT cry.
Tom and I jokingly suggested to Will that
we all do Tae-Kwon-Do in our family photo...
Apparently my atrocious form made Will cry.
Hallie said she'd do a roundhouse kick, but when I misunderstood
and thought she'd said "wild cat", she started crying too.
Hysterical crying.
Washington Strong #1.
Washington Strong #2.
Washington Strong #3.
Stay Washington Strong!

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