Thursday, December 12, 2013

Today's the Day

Today's the day I finally, after 27 YEARS, bid farewell to glasses and contacts. If all goes according to plan, by tomorrow morning I'll be able to see more than four inches in front of my face without corrective lenses.

I'm not nervous about the actual surgery. I am, however, incredibly nervous about the Valium they'll give me because I really, really don't like taking anything stronger than basic pain relievers and allergy medications. (I survived on Tylenol for the first two days after my c-section with Hallie, and only caved because the hospital wouldn't release me until I'd taken at least one stronger pain killer.) It's almost comical how much anxiety I have about taking an anti-anxiety medication.

I also don't like the fact that someone else will have to drive me home, and that I'll have to immediately head to bed, after the surgery (to help my eyes recover). I don't mind asking friends and family for help, but I don't like requiring help - even if it's from Tom - and I hate being the patient.

So if can conquer my issues with taking Valium and receiving help at home and spending the remainder of the day in bed sleeping…well, then today will end a pretty monumental day in the story of my life.

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  1. Good luck! Can't wait to hear how it went. Enjoy the break!