Friday, December 27, 2013

High Five for Friday (12.27.13)

1. We survived our 15-hour road trip through the horrific ice storm that battered two thirds of the country last weekend. While the storm certainly wasn't the worst we - as lifelong Midwesterners - had ever driven through, it made for two very long, stressful days in the car. Throughout Oklahoma and Southern Kansas, we saw between 20 and 30 accidents, consistently drove 25 MPH below the posted speed limit, and stopped frequently to cool off (we had to run the defroster on high - power and heat - to keep the windshield free of ice) and clean the quickly-accumulating ice off of the windshield wipers. It's always a relief to reach a road trip destination, but I felt comfort and gratefulness beyond relief when we finally pulled into the driveway.

2. The light weather system that passed through on Saturday night only dusted the ground, but a dusting of snow is better than no snow at all! The kids could barely contain their excitement when they awoke to winter, and so even though the temperature outside hadn't yet reached double digits, the three of us headed out to shovel the patio, play football, and build a snowman. Hallie named him Olaf.
The snow wasn't quite right for building snow people but Hallie couldn't have cared less.
3. Speaking of football, to call Will obsessed would be the understatement of the year. And since the snow isn't deep enough for Will and me to make our traditional swimsuit snow angels (I'll make swimsuit snow angels, but I won't make swimsuit dirt-leaf-snow angels - I have standards, people), we've decided to play a (very quick) game of swimsuit football. Pictures to come next week!

4. Christmas. Just Christmas. I love the season, the day, watching my children celebrate Jesus' birthday (according to Aunt Jenna, who's currently sharing a room with Hallie, Hallie awoke at approximately 4am on Christmas morning and began quietly singing "Happy Birthday Jesus"), and spending our time away from work and school with extended family. And as much as I try not to focus on the gifts, I adore watching Will and Hallie's faces light up when they finally see the treasures Santa left beneath the Christmas tree.

Ok, so it's just High Four for Friday. That'll have to do, because it's midnight and this girl is ready for sleep. Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend, friends!

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