Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Call Me Katniss

And the second highlight of the Texas Renaissance Festival? Finding my inner "Katniss".

I had no idea such an opportunity would present itself at the Festival. When we rounded the bend and the shooting range came into view, I looked at Tom and asked him for money (I didn't bring a purse into the event, otherwise I would have just used my own money) with the same pleading face and tone of voice Will uses when he wants to play an extra hour of Wii.

Tom handed over the cash with an enthusiastic, "heck yeah!" and then stepped back to take pictures of me giving this new sport a try.

The kids were all, "Mama, when it is our turn? We want to shoot bows and arrows too." And I was all, "BACK OFF, CHILDREN. THIS IS MY GIG." Eventually I caved and let them each shoot a couple of arrows. Hallie needed quite a bit of help, but Will was able to at least hold the bow by himself.

I never nailed the center of a target, but I brushed the edge of one and at least hit the back wall on which the targets hung with the rest of my arrows. I was particularly proud of my battle wound, shown here at one hour, one day, and seven days post shooting (I forgot to take a picture on the fourth day, which is unfortunate because the bruise looked really awesome that day).

I'd never held a weapon of any kind before the Texas Renaissance Festival (unless you count the golf club that I hit my sister in the face with when we were little), and I must admit that I'd really like to shoot a bow again - finding my inner "Katniss" felt pretty incredible.

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