Friday, December 7, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up (12.7.12)

Heisman Hullabaloo
Tomorrow night we'll find out whether or not Johnny Manziel - better known as Johnny Football - will become the first-ever freshman to receive the Heisman Trophy.  He's already been named SEC Freshman of the Year and SEC Offensive Player of the Year, and there is no doubt in my (not-at-all-expert-but-reasonably-knowledgeable-about-football) mind that Johnny deserves this award.

I won't be watching the awards show live, however (though we'll be recording it to watch later in the evening), which I would consider a real bummer if I weren't instead going to be sitting in a movie theater watching The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 with Tom and some awesome friends of ours. I know, I know - I'm late to the game. Again. But I seriously can't wait to see this movie.

In the meantime, with the dual purpose of distracting myself from counting down the minutes until tomorrow night and paying tribute to Johnny Football, here are a couple of great pics of the hero of Aggieland and his fans.
He makes is look so easy.
Just another incredible play.
That's right.
Chuck Norris is usually wearing his Johnny Football
costume when I see him at gymnastics.
Not really possible, but it made me smile.

First Class
You know how when you board a plane, all of the first class passengers board before everyone else and are then already sitting in their seats, enjoying a beverage, when you enter the plane? What if, when you passed through first class, you had to walk by this fellow? Hmmm.
It seems to me that bears on planes should be required to sit in the window seat, just to keep the aisle a little safer for the human passengers.

It's good to have goals.  Especially if your Life Goals list includes "get a fat cat and make it be mine", like the list belonging to this 11-year-old does.  Excuse me while I go update my own Life Goals list.

Deck the Halls
I realize that we've kind of moved past the popularly of flash mobs, and I know that I posted this video last year.  But I love it, and so I'm going to share it again.

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