Friday, December 14, 2012

Weekly Wrap-Up (12.14.12)

There's No Place Like Home
Click here, enter your home address when prompted to do so, and watch your house turn into a festive snow globe!

Aggie War Hymn
This house in Frisco, Texas synchronized their 34,000 Christmas lights to the Aggie War Hymn, performed by the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band.  Impressive!

25 Ways NOT to Dress Your Family for Holiday Photos
I may not be very good at pulling together coordinating outfits for my family (I do alright when it's just Will and Hallie, or when it's just Tom and me, but when it comes to the four of us at once, I usually fail miserably), but I find comfort knowing that I generally do a better job than these folks.  Click here to check out some of the funniest Christmas card photos I've come across in quite a while!
Our outfits are horribly coordinated, and Hallie's reindeer ears make Tom look like
he's missing one of his front teeth.  In my defense, this was a spur of the moment family
photo so I didn't give our outfits at a lot of thought until after I saw the photo.
Keep Calm
Everyone has seen the "Keep Calm" sayings - they're available for sale all over the place, and I see at least two new versions every day on Pinterest.  Some of my favorites include "Keep Calm and Recycle", "Keep Calm and Carry a Lightsaber", and "Keep Calm and Write Something".  But yesterday I came across my favorite "Keep Calm" saying thus far:
I wish...

Red Cross: Holiday Season Safety
Last but not least, click here to read more about how to keep your family safe this holiday season.  We're talking weather, travel, and holiday decor - oh my! - over on the Red Cross blog.  Keep Calm and Be Red Cross Ready!

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