Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Katniss Cake

A few months ago I mentioned - only semi-jokingly - to Tom and the kids that I wanted a Katniss cake for my birthday. I'd forgotten all about that request, but Hallie remembered, and in the days leading up to my birthday she repeatedly reminded me to remind Tom that he was responsible for a Katniss cake. (I'm not sure why Hallie didn't just cut me out of the middle and remind her daddy herself...I suppose that would have been too easy.)

Though the cake that Tom and the kids presented me with wasn't at all what I'd expected or originally envisioned, it was lovely (in the sense that I could tell the three of them spent a lot of time and put a lot of effort into its decoration) just the same. See for yourself.

It you look closely (and you have to look VERY closely) you can see the words "Happy Birth Day" ("Birth" and "Day" are in completely different areas of the cake), a picture of Katniss, a tree, a heart, and all three of their initials.  Also, the Oreo cookies in the center of the cake are supposed to be Katniss' archery target.
Beautiful, right?
Katniss, with a boo-teauful braid and
holding her bow and arrow.
"D" (for Dad) is in green on the left, "W" (for Will) is in black in the
middle, and the heart and "H" (for Hallie) are in red on the right.
I've already warned the three of them that next year I'd like a Twilight birthday cake, so it would be best if they started sharpening their cake decorating skills now.

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  1. I have to say, that must be the BEST target EVER! If I were Katniss I would also try to bullseye those! ;) Happy B-day!