Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Peter Piper's Pipe-ette

During a gardening unit at preschool and with the help of her teachers, Hallie planted two different kinds of beans in a little plastic cup full of dirt. I assume that she and her fellow preschoolers watered their beans and kept them in the sunlight, because at some point a few weeks later, the beans sprouted. And for reasons unknown to all of us - reasons that couldn't possibly include "Hallie is genetically predisposed to successfully grow food" - Hallie's beans grew taller than the beans belonging to everyone else in her class.

Hallie was terribly proud of her "work", and brought the cup of budding bean plants home so that all four of us could all enjoy her success. After a few days the plants were more than a foot tall, so Tom and Hallie moved them to our garden box. For a while it looked like the plants weren't going to take root, but when I checked on them this afternoon I was pleased to find both plants alive and well.  (And I found like 30 additional peppers, ready to be picked, on the pepper plants.)

Perhaps Peter Piper has raised himself up a little Pipe-ette.

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