Thursday, December 13, 2012

Destructo Preschooler: Christmas Edition

I've written a few times about Hallie's destructive tendencies, but I realized last week, when I was writing yet another post for our family blog (click on the "Destructo Preschooler, Part 2" link below) about things Hallie has destroyed, that Hallie started destroying things long before she became a preschooler.

I decided that all of these posts (those about Hallie's destruction) needed to be grouped together in one location so that when Hallie's older, I can easily refer back to them as proof of how "challenging" she was in her heyday.  Links to the post I've written thus far are below:

Destructo Baby (in which she destroys books and breaks my toe)
Destructo Preschooler, Part 1 (in which she destroys my house)
Destructo Preschooler, Part 2 (in which she destroys various toys and clothing items)

I wish I could tell you that the three posts above mark the beginning, middle, and end of the "Destructo" series, but sadly, that's not the case. Our Christmas decorations have been up for about a week, and in that short period of time Hallie has broken:

  • Her ballerina nutcracker (for the third time)
  • The Winnie-the-Pooh Christmas music box (for the third time)
  • Three different tree ornaments
  • One musical snow globe
  • One Christmas book

It's like she needs to live in a protective bubble, though not a traditional protective bubble as they're designed to protect the occupant from their surroundings.  Hallie's protective bubble would need to be designed to protect the surroundings from the occupant.  Anyone know where I can get one these?  I fear that the lives of our Christmas ornaments and decorations are hanging in the balance...

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