Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Our New Pet

Well, this cat isn't actually ours, but I'm pretty sure she wants to be ours.

We met her (I'm assuming she's a she but I haven't looked all that closely) last summer, when she'd visit our backyard every few weeks or so. She must have really liked us - we ARE very good cat petters, if I do say so myself - because for the last two months she's returned to our house almost every day.

Despite the fact that she doesn't wear a collar or tags, I'm certain she has a home other than our backyard.  She's healthy and well-fed, her fur is in excellent condition, she's comfortable around children, and I'm fairly certain she doesn't have at least her front claws.  That doesn't stop her from visiting us at all hours of the day and night, however.

One evening we joined her on the back porch after dinner and baths, and the kids treated her and talked to her like she was their pet.
She's a pretty kitty, isn't she?  Kind of
a girlier version of our big buddy, Duke.
"Hello, little kitty!  Please let me pet you!"
"Oh, thank you, little kitty."
Will tried for 15 minutes to get her to chase his jump rope.
She was way too smart for him...
...and grew bored with his efforts quite quickly.
Hallie carries on one-sided conversations with animals.
"My name is Hallie.  Your name is kitty. You're a beautiful kitty.
You're a smart kitty.  I love you so very much."
If kitty ever had any self-esteem problems, they should
be all but erased after that evening with Hallie.
Kitty returned that evening, after the kids had gone to bed,
and cried quietly at the backdoor.  I almost woke Hallie up so
they could play together a little more.  Almost.
She reminds me so much of Duke.
I have moments when I really want to bring home a pet (other than Blue) for Will and Hallie, and for me as well.  But in the next moment I remember how much I like only vacuuming the house twice a week, being able to go out of town without having to line up a cat-sitter, and not having to clean up poop and pee in the corners of the house.  I'm so torn...  

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