Friday, June 30, 2017

High Five for Friday (6.30.17)

1. How wonderful to have Will back home after his week away! He blew through the door and brought with him the noise, mess, and chaos normally present in our home but that we had missed these last few days. In an instant our home felt full and our family complete once again.
Ready for our drive back to CS!
Reunited with his best bud.
They may bicker - A LOT - but they were SO HAPPY
to see and play with each other when Will arrived home.
2. Because of travel plans and prior commitments, Saturday night marked the last Cavalry game we could attend this season. We hate to miss the team's remaining home games, but feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to participate - all of us as fans and Will as a member of ball crew as well - in the Cavalry's inaugural season.
Last week's Cavalry game...
...and this week's Cavalry game. Hallie was extraordinarily bummed
she missed out on getting to walk onto the field with the players.
This was the best "family" picture we could
capture. (Will was once again working ball crew.)
3. Speaking of soccer, Will attended the Aggie soccer camp for the first time. We've known for years that TAMU and its women's soccer program know how to support and promote collegiate soccer, and after this week we also know that TAMU and its women's soccer program know how to support and promote youth soccer in our community. Football may still reign supreme in Texas, but increasing amounts of time, energy, and financial resources are being funneled into other sports programs and I'm grateful for the opportunities this shift has provided kids in our community!

4. Are you watching America's Got Talent? I never tuned in - at least consistently - before this year, but now that the kids and I have watched a couple of episodes, we are 100% obsessed. Oh, and I cry EVERY anyone else as emotionally impacted by the life stories of these contestants?
For some reason I feel the need to take
photos of all of my favorite performers...
5. Happiness Highlights:
When you get too loud in the ice cream shop, your moms make
you go outside so they can finish their ice cream cones in peace...
My happiness isn't because the temperature reached 102's
because today I'm leaving 102 degrees and heading toward 70 degrees!
The best $7.99 I have EVER spent.
I'm getting all of Will's letters from camp this week. 😍
Hallie had an incredible time at VBS!
I love this pic of my parents and my camping aunt and uncle (and some
random photobomber, apparently) at a concert last weekend. I hope I'm
as fun and having as much fun as they are when I'm a grown-up! 

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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