Friday, June 9, 2017

High Five for Friday: 6.9.17

1. Anyone else having trouble keeping track of the day of the week? Right now our weekdays start off identically (breakfast, gym, swimming lessons, Mini Intensive dance camp) but finish up differently (playdates, swimming, birthday parties, dentist appointments, soccer practices and games), which makes it difficult to remember whether it's Monday or Thursday. If someone hadn't casually commented on the day of the week yesterday this post would have gone up a day late...

Regardless, we've had a great week transitioning from having company to our semi-regular summer schedule and activities.

2. Tom and I grew up in musical families. As a result, we both love making music and appreciate having the ability to do so with each other, our parents, and our siblings. Imagine our delight and pride, then, when I walked in and found Will and Hallie making actual music together. They can play Heart & Soul on the piano, but in this instance, Will was playing The Lion Sleeps Tonight on the ukulele while Hallie sang. Insert all the heart-eyes emojis here...

3. Just a couple of days after her recital, Hallie "took the plunge" for the second time and cut off all of her hair. Based on past hair growth, we feel confident we timed it so that Hallie's locks should once again be bun-length by the Nutcracker ballet in December. I love that in a world of little girls with long-haired ponytails, she is willing - at least every once in a while - to go her own way.
You'll have to excuse the "sweat curls" - she'd been running around
outside on an incredibly humid day just prior to our photo shoot.
4. Help me, friends on the interwebs! Red Nose Day came and went, and I accidentally missed the Love Actually sequel that aired during the television special. I can't find the sequel online, so please, if you have any idea how I can see it, let me know. (Ok, so this one isn't actually a "high five" yet, but it will be soon!)

5. Happiness Highlights:
Tom traveled all week so I let the kids bunk with me. This one snores
loudly, kicks, and has no concept of personal space, so he "drew" the
air mattress. Except I discovered that every night he gradually works
his way off of the air mattress and onto the floor. 😂 
This one talks in her sleep, but since she doesn't attack me, she gets the bed. 
They look grumpy, but that's my fault as the photographer; my boys were
enjoying their early morning time together after Tux spent the night outside.
Will made chocolate-covered strawberries, cherries,
pretzel sticks, and graham crackers as part of our summer
cooking (I use that term loosely) bootcamp. He could not
believe how delicious these creations tasted.  
We love you too, Hallie Claire!

Happy Friday, Chasing Roots!

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