Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Tuesdays With Tux (6.2.15)

For Will, seasonal allergy flare-ups often trigger asthma flare-ups. This spring has been particularly rough on Will's skin and lungs; as a result, he's needed albuterol steroid treatments by way of the nebulizer a few times a week. (And lots of Ava Anderson Dream Cream on his back - remember this rash? Yikes!

Tux does NOT like it when Will uses the nebulizer. He sits - at attention and seemingly standing guard - on Will's bed for the entirety of the treatment. 

When Will finally turns off the nebulizer and lies down, Tux immediately falls asleep next to him, clearly exhausted from the hard work of keeping watch. 

Now if he could just keep an eye out for lizards as well...

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