Monday, June 15, 2015

Third Time's a Charm

After his trip to the ER, Will's health seemed to improve from Friday to Saturday, Saturday to Sunday, and Sunday to Monday. After his doctor's appointment on Monday morning, however, he began spiraling downhill. His breathing and cough worsened, and he started experiencing scary (nausea, vomiting, severe headaches, and sudden and painful vision changes) side effects to his medications.

On Thursday morning we returned to the pediatrician's office, where Will's doc changed both his antibiotic and the breathing medication he takes via a nebulizer. The new meds made a drastic difference; when I walked into Will's room on Friday morning and asked how he was, he answered "good!" for the first time in almost three weeks. And on Saturday morning, he woke me from a sound sleep at 6:30am to tell me he felt like a new kid.

Perhaps the most accurate indicator of how Will felt was the amount of fighting that took place between him and Hallie. For nearly two weeks they didn't bicker or argue at all - Will felt too yucky to antagonize Hallie, and Hallie was too worried to antagonize Will. And then on Friday morning… It started slowly, with just slightly raised voices, but quickly escalated to whining and yelling and tattling. Ah yes, life in the Ferris house has returned to normal.

So here we are, on the third Monday since school let out and once again ready to start our summer vacation over. The wind and Tux collaborated to destroy our "Happy Summer" sign, and I didn't have on hand the ingredients to whip up another sugar cookie cake, so we celebrated by sleeping in and with miniature donuts for breakfast. Later today we'll head to the library to pick up our first summer reading prizes and then this afternoon the play dates begin. Yep, I think the third time's the charm.

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