Monday, June 8, 2015

Summertime, and the Livin' is NOT Easy.

Here's what our first week of summer looked like:
  • Tom traveled for work, so the kids and I were left to fend for themselves. (Not too bad on its own, so let's add a little something to mix things up a bit.)
  • Will started suffering from severe seasonal allergies - think itching, congestion, wheezing, and headaches. These symptoms, while manageable, put a damper on the start of summer. 
  • Will developed a virus and started going downhill.
  • Hallie developed a virus and started following Will down the hill.
  • The company that renovated our master bathroom continued trying - as they've been doing for more than two weeks (it's been more than five weeks since they began the project) - to get our grout right. Both bathrooms remain in complete disarray.
  • Tom returned home with a broken cell phone and decided he and I needed to get new phones AND change service providers right that very minute.
  • Able to see that I might soon lose my mind, Tom graciously took over so I could go out with friends for a much-needed, two-hour escape from the Hot Mess Express.
  • I returned home from my evening out to find Will with a temperature of 103.5.
  • Will and I visited the ER and learned that Will's allergies and virus had combined to form a nasty case of pneumonia.
  • After a stressful night, Tom and I decided he could handle things at home and that Hallie and I should use our already-purchased plane tickets to fly to Illinois for the weekend. (Leaving Will behind broke my heart, but this trip was important {more on that on Wednesday} and I knew Will was in good hands with his daddy.)
  • While in Illinois, Hallie's virus flared again.
  • And finally, to add insult to injury, American Airlines lost our bag on the way home.

Both kids (Will in particular, who had to miss swimming lessons and soccer camp, and will likely miss basketball camp and Tae Kwon Do this week) are sad and sluggish and grumpy.  I'm sad and sluggish and grumpy too, but I credit my physical, mental, and emotional states to excessive worrying, abbreviated workouts, lack of time for meal planning, and sleepless nights. 

So can we start this season over? Can we pretend last week never happened and that today is the first day of summer vacation? I'm ready for a day or two of easy, summertime livin'.

Because I don't want to sign off on a negative note after an entirely negative post, here are a couple of last week's high points:
  • I thoroughly enjoyed Pitch Perfect 2. Watching it with good friends - those who laugh with you, cry with you, sing with you, and don't poke fun when you eat only popcorn, a pretzel, and M&Ms for dinner after a tough week - made the evening even better.
  • My new phone and case, forced on me in order to switch phone companies, rocks my world. 
  • So many friends offered and/or provided help and support and prayers when they found out how our week was going. I am SO grateful.

Here's to a starting summer over and doing it right this time around! 

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  1. Erin, I think Bella and Will must be kindred spirits. These poor kids with the food allergies and asthma get the worst of it!! Hope he's feeling better soon.