Friday, June 5, 2015

High Five for Friday (6.5.15)

1. Will, Hallie, and their friends, Kaylee and Kara, had a blast at our 2nd annual "Happy Summer" party. The party only lasted about 20 minutes - Hallie had a haircut scheduled and then we all had plans to go swimming with lots more friends - but I know the kids appreciated the effort their moms put into making the last day of school special.

Yeah…we kind of forgot to take any pictures of the four children with the baskets or the sign or the cake. Oops.

2. On a school-related note, I cannot thank the incredible administrators and teachers at Will and Hallie's elementary school enough for all they have done to educate, motivate, and protect my and hundreds of the other kids this year. We plan to enjoy summer vacation, but will miss those with whom we spent the last nine months.

And just for fun, here are comparison pics of the kiddos - last day of school in 2014 and last day of school in 2015 - as well as our annual "class of" t-shirt pics.

3. My little Goldilocks has wanted to cut off her long blond locks for months. I asked her to wait until after her dance recital, both because she needed long hair for her recital bun and because I wanted to give her plenty of time to change her mind. She never wavered though, so as soon as our post-recital schedule permitted, we visited my stylist. These pics are cute, but don't do the cut justice - Hallie's new look makes her look even more adorable than she usually looks. I LOVE it.

4. This gorgeous gold Kate Spade bracelet arrived in the mail for me this week - a "just because" gift from my mom.

5. Tom came home on Wednesday night after being gone for nine days. My days and nights alone with the kids went smoothly (with a couple of exceptions, of course) and we stayed busy during his absence, but I was nevertheless more than ready to "tag out" when we finally picked him up at the airport. The four of us hung out together that evening, but then on Thursday night I escaped to see Pitch Perfect 2 with friends. Glorious!

Happy Friday, friends!

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