Monday, June 22, 2015

happy (Giveaway!)

Earlier this spring, Tom's parents came for a visit from Nebraska. On Saturday night, after the kids had fallen asleep, my father-in-law suggested we watch a particular documentary on Netflix. They had seen it once already, but because they had a feeling Tom and I would enjoy it, they willingly watched it a second time.

The documentary was called "happy". 

The film combined real-life stories from people around the world with explanations from well-renowned experts in happiness research to explain what really makes people happy and the truth behind "our most sought-after and valued emotion". 

We laughed and cried, and while I won't answer the "what makes people happy" question, I will say that the movie highlighted for me how happiness is much less a product of circumstance than it is one of perspective. When the credits rolled I found myself more convinced than ever that happiness, at least to a certain extent, is a personal responsibility. It is my responsibility to surround myself with people who lift me up, instead of drag me down. It is my responsibility to focus on the positive, instead of the negative. It is my responsibility to be kind, say thank you, forgive others, serve those in need, and above all, LOVE, because these acts bring and sustain happiness.

The week after we watched the documentary, my father-in-law mailed me two copies of the DVD. One made its way into the Ferris family DVD collection - I plan to watch it with Will and Hallie this summer, and I expect many additional viewings throughout the coming years - but the second one belongs to one of you. 

That's right, friends. I'm giving a copy of this incredibly powerful documentary to one lucky Chasing Roots reader. Just leave a comment (here or on Facebook) briefly describing something that or someone who made you happy this week. On Friday evening at 8pm CST I will select and notify our winner.

Until then…Spread happy. Live happy. Be happy.


  1. Seeing my family together for Father's Day made me very happy.

  2. So many things make me happy. So far this week...over the weekend it was seeing and playing with my two beautiful nieces. Monday it was my amazing husband. Today I'm happy because I love my job and the people I work with are incredible. Luckily I get to experience two of the three daily. :)