Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Reveal

After what felt like an eternity, our bathroom remodel finally wrapped midway through last week. The project shouldn't have taken as long as it did - we didn't gut the space, after all - but fixing a problem with our grout added nearly three weeks to the timeline.

This process reminded me how much I hate (home) projects. I felt overwhelmed from start to finish, first by the massive number of expensive and permanent decisions I had to make, and then by the near constant chaos and disarray. We embarked on this project during our busiest month of the year, and to save money, I did all of the touch-up painting (which turned into a fairly extensive project because let's face it, the walls, trim, and cabinets looked pretty beat up after so much work had been done in the bathroom) myself. And because I'm glutton for punishment, after I finished painting the trim in the bathroom I continued repainting/touching-up until I'd finished all of the trim in the entire house.

On Sunday I finished the last of the touch-up painting, waxed the shower glass (according to our glass guy, doing so will extend the life of the glass), moved our remaining toiletries from the guest/kids' bathroom back to our bathroom, and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

After listening to me complain about the old bathroom and then the remodel, I thought y'all might appreciate seeing the finished product, as well as the before pictures.

My apologies for the quality of these photos. The light enters the room from the two windows in the back corner, and because of this, taking good photos is nearly impossible. 


We're finally done, and it feels so good.

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