Friday, June 12, 2015

High Five for Friday (6.12.15)

1a. Though he has experienced quite a few setbacks (multiple scary and painful reactions to codeine and his antibiotic, oral steroid, and inhaled steroid) and is still far from 100%, Will is slowly healing.

1b. So many friends have offered and provided help, support, thoughts, and prayers since Will got sick. My village is vast and my heart is full.

1c. Even when he feels terrible, Will does his absolute best to stay positive. He is without a doubt the most pleasant and least wimpy patient for which I care.

1d. And finally, I'd like to give a huge shout out to CapRock ER. I have never before experienced such incredibly fast, efficient, effective, and friendly service at an emergency room. From the front desk clerk to the tech to the RN to the doc, each person we came in contact with treated both Will and me with respect and kindness and made it clear that Will's health and my peace of my mind were atop their priority lists. I hope to never set foot inside again, however if I or any member of my family has need for an emergency room, CapRock ER will be my first choice.

My bag of CapRock goodies and the handwritten thank you/get well soon note mailed to Will a few days after his visit.

 I have no affiliation with CapRock ER nor did I receive any compensation for this review.

2. Our bathroom isn't quite finished (though the last remaining project - fixing the grout - has almost wrapped), but it's finally usable! Hallie took the first "swim" in the bathtub, I took the first shower, and now almost all of our toiletries, towels, etc. have moved from Will and Hallie's bathroom back to their permanent home in our bathroom. I can hardly wait for the end of this remodel!

3. L…o…n…g story short, Tom and I brought home new phones - and switched phone companies - at the end of last week. It took me a few days to get used to the iPhone 6 (the touch screen requires a little more pressure than did the iPhone 5c screen, which has proven problematic as I have no feeling in the tip of my primary phone finger), but now I'm happy we upgraded devices and left behind our previous inflexible and pricey provider.

4. "I Believe That We Will Win!" Tom, Will, and I can't get enough of the Women's World Cup. We cheered and screamed and high-fived and gasped our way through the United States' first game - a 3-1 victory over Australia - on Monday night and are psyched up for tonight's match against Sweden. I love women's soccer, and am so grateful that two out of my three family members love it enough to share in the excitement of the tournament with me.

And in case you were wondering, while Tom, Will, and I watch World Cup soccer - intense competition during which the world's best female athletes showcase their strength, skill, charisma, finesse, and mental toughness - Hallie watches My Little Pony on the iPad. When she hears us cheer, she pokes her head out of her room and asks us to keep it down.

5. Did you see the first "Mockingjay, Part 2" trailer released earlier this week?! Just 22 weeks and six days until the premiere!

Happy Friday, friends!

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