Friday, August 8, 2014

High Five for Friday (8.8.14)

1. A week ago I posted two pictures of the youth yoga class Will attends at our gym. The class is supposed to be for kids ages 7-12, but last Friday the instructor (who is also a friend of mine and who knows both Will and Hallie) let Hallie tag along when the older kids left the childcare center for the yoga studio. At first Hallie sat in the corner and watched, nervous about participating alongside the big kids, but by the end of class she was working on her wall handstands just like everyone else. I seriously love my gym for what it offers me, and I now I love it even more for what it offers my kids.

2. Divergent came out on Blu-Ray/DVD on Tuesday, and you can bet that I picked myself up a copy first thing that morning. (Tom and I watched the entire movie on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.) While at the bookstore I also bought Four: A Divergent Collection, and I'm looking forward to cracking it open while traveling this weekend.

3. Speaking of traveling… This afternoon I take the to skies en route to Tennessee for my sis-in-law's bachelorette party. My weekend away will be short - I arrive in Nashville at 8:50pm Friday night and my flight leaves Nashville at 7:10am on Sunday morning - but I'm really looking forward to spending 36 hours with the bride-to-be and her best girl friends. (And I get to see my bro-in-law as well - bonus!) Oh, and for those of you who after reading this post might be wondering, I never found anything in my closet to wear...but my sister mailed me a dress so now I'm all set. Whew.

4. I needed a good laugh today and this video delivered. Do not miss these fifth grade boys performing a self-choreographed and hilarious synchronized swimming routine in their school talent show.

5. Happiness Highlights
Sara and Jeff's new house is starting to actually look like a house!
This cutie just learned how to wrap her hair in a towel.
This boy could have spent all day reading at the book store.
Hallie went to Bengal Belles Dance Camp (hosted by
the A&M Consolidated High School Bengal Belles
Dance Team) this week. She had a wonderful time,
but I wouldn't be surprised if she had nightmares
about that incredibly creepy tiger. 
Happy Friday, friends!

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