Friday, August 1, 2014

High Five for Friday (8.1.14)

1. At seven years old, Will still holds my hand (except for those last 100 feet on the walk to school), sits on my lap, needs me to tuck him into bed, and regularly offers hugs and kisses. At the same time, he also catches pop fly balls, breaks boards with his #2 front kick, sleeps over at friends' houses, and reads Harry Potter. He's physically, emotionally, and mentally caught between little boy and big boy, and his "predicament" is never more obvious than when he takes photos with me. He asks me to photograph us together, and leans in close to me or rests his head on my shoulder in preparation, but then he smiles like he's a little too cool for selfies with his mom. I absolutely love this face, and I've seen it a lot lately.

2. Hallie first went tubing two summers back, and while she insisted the boat travel no faster than seven MPH, she enjoyed herself enough to go tubing again both last summer and this summer. This summer, however, she refused to tube at speeds in excess of two MPH. I'm not exaggerating here - I could have kept pace with the tube swimming the breaststroke. Heck, WILL could have kept pace with the tube swimming the breaststroke. While Tom and Hallie cruised along, my dad, Will, and I took a nap on the boat paid close and careful attention to our tubers, and I took this video of them. If you listen carefully (over the sound of the motor - sorry about that), you can hear them singing Love is an Open Door - all the way through the proposal at the end - as Hans and Anna.

3. In need of a few FREE activities to fill the rest of your (and your kiddos') summer afternoons? I came across this blog post - 56 Things to Do Instead of Spending Money - and was excited to find it included a few (see below) activities I hadn't previously thought to do with the kids or by myself.

- Use up gift certificates/coupons.
- Spa day at home.
- Make gifts.
- Clean my car.
- Organize my photos.
- Make cookies.
- Have a sleepover.
- Have friends over.
- Donate to the thrift store.
- Be anonymously nice.

Ok, let's be honest…"make cookies" is always on my to-do list.

4. As I count down the 112 days until "Mockingjay, Part 1" is released in theaters on November 21st, I pass the time by watching these teaser trailers.

I'm SO excited.

5. Happiness Highlights
Will LOVES (and I love) his youth yoga class. Here
are the kiddos making a downward-facing dog tunnel. 
And here they're working on wall handstands.
Will tried to pull out his remaining front tooth with Grandma's pliers.
It was difficult to watch, but the fact that he
attempted this kind of extraction made me smile.
The pliers didn't work, but just seconds after that
failed attempt, Will yanked it out with his fingers.
Grandma and I saw this shirt the next day and just had to buy it. You're
only toothless once (hopefully) and for such a short period of time. 
Hallie made this necklace for Grandpa
and he actually wore it. To work.
Hip, hip, hooray!
Channeling her inner Katniss and
shooting her imaginary bow and arrow.
Only an awesome grandma would let this 52-pound
seven-year-old use her as a step stool. 17 times. At least.
If you look closely, you can see Carter trying
to get in on the fun that is climbing on Grandma.
Also, check out Grandpa's triceps. She works out.
Grandma with three of her four grandchildren.
Meanwhile, Will was reading the newspaper in
the recliner next to her like a little old man.
Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. Love it. Great hat in selfie #2, btw!!

    1. Thanks! I feel ridiculous when I wear it - I've never been very good at pulling off hats - but it does such a good job of blocking the sun that I wear it anyway. :)