Friday, August 15, 2014

High Five for Friday (8.15.14)

1. Last week photos of both Will and Hallie were "featured" on the interwebs: Will in this Facebook advertisement for Texas State Optical, and Hallie in a The Successful Child NY blog post. They're cute, those two.

2. I would never laugh at another person's unhappiness, but I will admit to laughing out loud at this cone- and pajama-wearing cat. He looks like he's just completely given up hope…either that or he's plotting his revenge against the small child who ruined his life.

3. I have discovered the deliciousness of soy and sun butter. I realize these products have been available for years, but as a life-long lover of Jif peanut butter I've been completely unwilling to even taste them, let alone buy them and bring them into my home. But this summer my sister forced offered to let me try the sun butter and jelly sandwiches she'd made for Lily and Carter and - low and behold - they tasted incredible. Even Hallie, widely known for her incredibly picky eating habits, devoured them.

There are so many recipes - puppy chow, peanut butter banana muffins, and peanut butter chicken, just to name a few - I haven't made in nearly eight years because they call for peanut butter. I can't wait to swap in sun or soy butter and then introduce Will to all he's missed over the years.

4. When I arrived home from Nashville on Sunday afternoon, two happy kiddos greeted me at the door. These two happy kiddos hadn't bathed - not even once, though Tom claims he hosed them off in the backyard midway through the weekend - since I'd showered them on Thursday night. These two happy kiddos explained that they hadn't bathed because they'd been too distracted; when I asked for clarification, they admitted that they'd been too distracted playing the Wii, watching Lord of the Rings, eating Chick-fil-a, and staying up late. These two happy kiddos had dressed themselves that morning, Will in his usual sports-themed weekend attire and Hallie in her most expensive and saved-for-events-at-which-spills-will-not-occur outfit.

I suspect the majority of our household rules were bent over the course of my 48-hour absence, but the bottom line is that I came home to two happy kiddos. Good job, Daddy.

5. Happiness Highlights
I got to see both my sis-in-law and my bro-in-law while in Nashville.
Playing with some of the leftover bachelorette party favors. 
Forgot to post this one last week:
Hallie and her "Big Belle", Marcella.
Will bought this pony for Hallie with his own money because he
was proud of how well she'd done at Bengal Belles Dance Camp. 
Watching Despicable Me 2 on Sunday evening. This was
about all I had energy for after my exhausting weekend.
We officially finished the Summer 2014
edition of the license plate game this week!
Back-to-school haircuts were high on the to-do list this week. She
wanted even more taken off but this was as short as I'd let her go.
Happy Friday, friends!

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