Friday, August 29, 2014

High Five for Friday (8.29.14)

1. On Monday morning Tom and I walked Will and Hallie all the way to their classrooms, as is customary on the first day of school.

On Tuesday morning I planned to walk Will and Hallie up to the front door of the building, but when we reached the crossing guard they both stopped, turned around to face me, and asked if they could go on alone. When I paused, fully prepared to allow them this freedom but taking a moment to compose myself, Will added, "I'll make sure she gets to her classroom, Mom. I promise." I nodded in the affirmative and they walked away, hand in hand.

2. The four Ferri were nominated (Will and me more than once) to complete the ice bucket challenge, and over the course of the last week we all took a turn under the freezing cold water.

Will and I completed the challenge at our gym, where 40+ of us gathered in support of one of our own. Here's a video a friend of mine took that day (I'm front left and wearing yellow, and Will's front right and wearing maroon):

Here's the news footage - yep, we made it on the news - of that same challenge:

And finally, here's a video of Tom's challenge:

Hallie flat-out refused to dump icy water on her own head or allow anyone else to dump icy water on her head - she's not much for cold, that one, what with her 1% body fat - but she agreed to handle Tom's ice water for him. As it turned out, she ended up dumping at least a third of the water meant for his head on her own legs, so she got a bit of a chill anyway.

Both Will and I have been challenged again, so there's a chance we'll be dumping more buckets of water and making another donation next week!


4. Last Sunday Tom didn't go to work for the first time since…well, since as long as I can remember. He always works on Sundays, even if just from our office at home. He worked the Sunday after Thanksgiving, the Sunday after Christmas, on both Mother's Day and Father's Day, and in the car on the Sundays we spent driving to and from Wisconsin. But this Sunday, we all four went to the movies (we saw and enjoyed Earth to Echo), played games, worked on a puzzle, made dinner, and watched cartoons. As Will would say, AWESOME POSSUM. (Thank you, The Lego Movie, for that phrase.)

5. In case you missed this letter - specifically meant for moms of kindergarteners, but applicable in many ways to parents of kids hitting any kind of milestone year/grade - click on over and give it a read. You deserve to hear this writer's message.

Oh wait, grab a few tissues first.

Happy Friday, friends!

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