Wednesday, August 27, 2014

It's Good to Have Goals

After I take a week off (and by "taking a week off", I mean catching up on laundry, tackling massive shopping lists at the grocery store and Target, and finally ending my writing hiatus on our family blog), I plan to spend a few days organizing my fall schedule. Though I anticipate a great deal of week-to-week tweaking, my hope is that looking at life through the lens of a semester-long calendar and more coordinated commitments will allow me the additional time I need to expand the reach of Chasing Roots around the interwebs. Will it work? Right now I'd say the odds are about 50/50.

In the meantime, here are a few of my August contributions. Getting just these three posts out…well, it's remarkable I wrote anything at all in August, given the chaos surrounding me 24 hours a day.

Red Cross

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise: Back to School for College Students
If you’re heading off to school this fall (or if you're sending your teenager off to school this fall), check out these tips to help you become and stay healthy, wealthy, and wise during your years as a college student!

Sometimes Simpler is Better
I found this particular graphic perfect for explaining blood donation to my kiddos. Much simpler than using 10 pints of water, red food coloring, matchbox cards, and a Red Cross testing facility built out of Legos


Secret School Supply List
Check out this post about the extra "school supplies" - we're not talking about markers and crayons here - I recommend picking up to help make the transition from summer vacation to a new school year a smoother one. The new school year is already underway where I live, but it's not too late to pass this list along to family members and friends for whom the summer hasn't yet come to an end!

In Case You Missed It

Bad Habits are Hard to Break
MomsEveryday picked up this piece about how my tendency to write about the weather - and perhaps complain about the heat - began long before we moved to Texas.

Girls Can't Grill
MomsEveryday also picked up this piece about how I handled Hallie's recent declaration that "girls can't grill!"

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