Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Currently: April 2013

I think the exercise shown in the picture on the right - thank you, Pinterest - is designed to be completed every day, perhaps as an alternative to free-writing (writing your thoughts down as they flow into your mind) a daily journal entry.

I don't have time, nor do think it would be very interesting, to answer these "questions" every day - I mean, other than this spring (which has been more like a Midwest spring than a Texas spring), how often would the weather where I live be anything but "HOT"?  Not very often.

I do have time, however, for monthly reflection.  My plan is to complete this exercise at the end of each month as a way to capture what that month - as a whole - looked and felt like.  I think it'll be fun to go back a year from now and read about what's changed (not the weather) over the course of 12 months.

Here we go!

Currently...April 2013

Hallie's kind of into
Disney these days.
Hallie and I have been listening to Disney compilation CDs, Will and I have been listening to The Antidote by St. Vincent, and on my own I've been listening to Julie Fowlis (she sings Chase the Wind on the Brave soundtrack), Mumford & Sons, and Fun.

Carrots (Tom and I have discovered that carrots taste approximately 247 times better when we peel and cut them ourselves, so we've been peeling and cutting and scarfing carrots like they're going out of style); banana, pineapple, and spinach smoothies; caramel rice cakes with peanut butter; white cheddar cheese; breakfast tacos; strawberries; and cherry Tootsie Roll Pops.  But I really want a cheeseburger, french fries, and a chocolate malt.

Pink lemonade Spark.  Thank you, Advocare peeps.

Black and white stripes.  Last Saturday I realized that I'd worn black and white stripes on five out of the last six days (blouse on Monday, t-shirt on Tuesday, scarf on Wednesday, dress on Thursday, different dress on Saturday).  And there are still clean, black-and-white striped articles of clothing in my closet, waiting for their turn.

Still a little discombobulated.

All over the map.  As I mentioned above, this spring - our third in Texas - has felt more like a Midwest spring than a Texas spring.  Hot days, cool days.  Warm nights, cold nights.  Sun, clouds, wind, rain.  I've loved the unpredictability of and constant change that has defined this season, and I'm dreading the weather I know is just around the corner.

A new pair of jeans; a clunky, coral necklace; and a new iPhone.

A new swimsuit.  Ugh.

Should Lucas come
live with us?
About getting a cat.  I had two - Pearl (who was actually a boy, poor girly buddy) and Jingle Bells - growing up, but they passed away when I was in college.  Tom and I had two - Duke and Clementine - during our first years of marriage, but Duke died after being hit by a car and Clemmy now lives with my parents because she hates kids and hates us for having kids.  A friend of mine regularly posts pics on Facebook of foster kittens who need permanent homes, and their little faces...you guys, I'm just not strong enough to look away.  So now we're considering finally giving in to the kids (who are begging for a new pet, and "not a fish like Blue who just died one day") and adopting one.  We'll see.

Lie to Me on Netflix, "herding cats" at Will's little league baseball games, helping Hallie work on her (self-assigned) homework, my new website, planning our summer travels, practicing music for a wedding Tom and I are playing this summer, watching Will dominate karate, baking with Hallie, and drinking Blue Moon on the back porch.

How about you?  What are you eating, drinking, wanting, needing, or enjoying these days?

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