Friday, April 26, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up (4.26.13)

Earth Week
Yesterday morning The Today Show, as part of its Earth Week coverage, ran a great segment on eco-friendly gadgets and gear (compost buckets, bamboo speakers, reusable water bottles, sunglasses, food storage bags, etc.) to help you "green your routine".  I actually already have and love the water bottle and the food storage bags they discuss, and now that I've seen some of the other options out there, I plan to replace my ugly, clear compost bucket with one of the wooden ones they recommend.  If you're looking to live a greener life, I encourage you to check out the video and the products it highlights.

Did you celebrate Earth Day?  How did/will you recognize Earth Week?  Last weekend we attended the Brazos Valley Earth Day celebration, where we learned more about protecting our environment and keeping our community beautiful, jumped in a bounce house, drank sweet tea, and listened to the Rock-a-Fellas concert.  I'm also planning to register for the upcoming Color Up 5K to benefit "Keep Brazos Beautiful".
She looks like she could be singing, but she's not.  She's complaining.  Loudly.

Disclosure: while I did enjoy The Today Show segment, I really posted a link to the video because my cousin is the guest - check him out!

National Volunteer Week
It's not too late to get out there and lend a hand (it's NEVER too late to get out there and lend a hand), nor is it too late to thank someone who's already stepped up to the plate.  Read my tribute to National Volunteer Week - which includes a couple of (identified by activity) shout-outs to friends of mine both old and new - on either Chasing Roots and the National American Red Cross blog.

The running shoes used in
this photo were actually
worn in the marathon.
The Meaning of Marathons I'm not a marathon runner. I'm not much of a runner at all, which is odd, considering how much I enjoy exercise. But just because I don't like running doesn't mean I can't recognize and acknowledge the physical, emotional, and mental benefits the sport provides to its participants, especially in the case of marathons.

This post, written by John Cave Osborne for Babble, helped me better understand, as he titled his post, "The Meaning of Marathons" and lifted me up as I struggled to make sense of last week's tragic bombing at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. I believe stories and articles and tributes like this one can be part of the recovery process, and I wanted to share this one, along with a couple others that have moved me, with you.

Fear, Fearlessness, and the Boston Marathon Bombing

Marathon Monday as a Trauma Nurse in Boston

MomsEveryday: Bully & the Bullied I've written about bullying before (read my post on the No Bully Tour here), but in the past my musings on the subject have been abstract and objective. I was never popular but I wasn't bullied, and thankfully neither of my kids have ever been really, truly bullied either, so while my thoughts and opinions were valid, they carried less weight than the thoughts and opinions of those who'd lived life on either side of the bullying coin. In response to a change in my circumstances, I've written about bullying again, this time from an entirely new perspective...a perspective that might surprise you. (Unless you know Hallie personally, in which case my perspective might NOT surprise you at all.) Please take a few minutes to read this piece I've written for MomsEveryday and join the conversation about bullying.

The Birthday Girl
I didn't want to end with bullying, so I thought I'd instead end with a thank you those of you who helped make Hallie's 4th birthday a special one.  She received calls, emails, and texts; friends and family members sang Happy Birthday to her over the phone or via texted video; and so many of her friends (as well as friends of mine, Tom's, and Will's) celebrated with us at her birthday party.  It wasn't my birthday, but I "felt the love" on Hallie's behalf.  We are incredibly blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives...thank you.

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