Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I Love Lamp

Have you seen Anchorman?  Remember this scene?  It's one of my favorites.

Last weekend the kids and I went "shopping" at a neighborhood garage sale, where both Will and Hallie bought small, stuffed dogs for a quarter apiece.  We need more stuffed animals like I need a hole in my head, but the dogs were reasonably priced and in very good condition and I was tired and hot and weak and I caved.  As it turns out, the purchase (even though they used their own money) put me in the kids' good graces for the remainder of the day AND led to this post, so I stand behind my decision.

Back at home, Will named his dog Woof (most of Will's animals are named for the sound they make) and Hallie named her dog...Lamp.  And then she told everyone with whom we crossed paths for the rest of weekend how much she loved Lamp.  As in, "I love Lamp", over and over and over again.

At least No One (Hallie's giraffe) now has an equally-ridiculously-named stuffed animal friend to play with...