Friday, April 12, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up (4.12.13)

Des Hommes et des Chatons
It's been many years since I incorrectly conjugated verbs in my high school French classes, so while I believe the title of this segment translates to "The Men and the Cats", I could be wrong.

I don't think I'm wrong though, because the pictures I'm encouraging you to check out are of men and cats.  Pairs of really lovely men and really adorable cats.   Here's a preview...
These two photos have been selected for specific readers (you know who you are), but the site offers something for everyone.  Make today a better day by clicking here.

Perfect Parenting Humor
This article, titled "How to be a Perfect Parent in Five Easy Steps...or Probably Never", has been circulating on the interwebs for close to a month, but I finally found time to read it today thanks to the fact that I'm home with a sick child.  I'm probably "doing something wrong" by reading, writing, and working while he watches crappy daytime cartoons, but I'm also probably "not worrying about it", as I've been instructed to do in the first of the five easy steps.  Looks like I'm well on my way to being the perfect parent I'll never be.

As I just mentioned, not everyone in our house is at their peak of health right now.  Thankfully the kids were well enough last weekend, however, for us to leave them with a "babysitter" (they actually spent the evening with two of their friends and the friends' grandpa and the result was exactly what you'd expect when four kids are left with a grandpa: trampoline jumping, Cheetos eating, and staying up late watching cartoons) and go see StageCenter's production of Well.  I know I mentioned this play a couple of weeks ago, but I'm mentioning it again because I know a lot of my readers live near me; if you live near me, you NEED to go see this show.  It's fantastic.

There are 7:30pm shows tonight, tomorrow night, and next weekend (April 18 - 20) on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights as well.  The show has been selling out (!!) so I recommend buying tickets online ahead of time and arriving at 7pm when the doors open (all tickets are general admission/open seating).

Friday Funny
And if YOUR mom can't find your missing baseball cap for the twelfth time this week (I'm looking at you, Will), there's a decent chance that someone else's mom knows where it is because she picked it up after you left it on the ground.  Moms rule.

Note: in our house this saying could also work with "wife" in place of "mom".  (Tom literally can't find ANYTHING that isn't sitting on the floor in the middle of the living room.)  Wives rule too.

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