Monday, July 30, 2018

Life Isn't Perfect, But Your Hair Can Be

I have enjoyed playing with and styling Hallie's hair since...well, since she grew enough hair for me to play with and style. We address (spray with lightly conditioned water, brush, and style appropriately for whatever she has on tap that day) her golden locks EVERY morning before school, and on the weekends we oscillate between fancy buns for dance and "off days" on which she just pulls her hair into a ponytail herself.

We don't usually have time, but when we do, Hallie and I love to try more complicated styles. We use Pinterest as our guide now, but in the beginning Hallie chose these styles from movies and television; for example, during Hallie's Frozen phase we tried ALL of the Elsa and Anna hairstyles.
Early Elsa
Late Elsa
Early Anna
Late Anna

Hallie's AJ (Aunt Jenna), also loves to play with and style hair. One of AJ and Hallie's favorite parts about vacationing together is taking the time each day to search for new hairstyles, choose their favorites, try each of them, and then take photos of their "work".
This pic might be my favorite from our trip... The diva relaxes in her
highchair (her actual highchair from baby and toddler days, which my
inlaws still have and in which her tush still fits) while her hairdresser
works on the style and her florist works on the flower arrangement.

In case you're in need of a little hair inspiration (and to show off AJ's impressive talents and my girl's beautiful hair), here are a few of this summer's favorite looks!
Rear #1 (pre-flowers)
Front #1
Rear #1
Front #2
Rear #2
Rear #3
Front #4
Rear #4
I think the bar has been set a little too high for when we return home after vacation...

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